An association termed The European Society for Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy (ESCII) has been established as a nonprofit organization with educational and scientific objectives. The society’s principal aims will be to promote significant research advances recently achieved in immunotherapy and stimulate global interest and involvement in the field in order to improve the treatment and prognosis of cancer patients. It will undertake scientific collaborations designed to provide venues for the accumulation and exchange of ideas and information regarding the theoretical foundations of cancer immunology and subsequent application to and clinical practice of cancer immunotherapy. It will set up special committees and establish cooperative liaisons with other scientific associations in an effort to foster and stimulate communicative interactions among scientists in the field.


The Society will organize educational activities with a view to disseminating information on the latest developments in relevant fields of research as conducted by researchers, clinical immunologists and/or oncologists, not only to basic and applied scientists but to patients and the general public as well. It will establish contacts with related scientific, academic and other medical organizations sharing common interests, such as cancer patient advocacy societies. The Society will publish a semi-annual newsletter and adopt Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy (CII) as its official journal, at a reduced annual rate following negotiations with the publishers.

There are four membership categories in the Society: (a) full-active, (b) associate - international corresponding, (c) honorary-emeritus and (d) student - trainee members. The annual membership fee will be 50 Euro (with a reduced rate for students) and will be remitted once the Society formally initiates functioning. The Society will organize a Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy meeting to discuss the present and future status of the field.

The officers of the Society’s first Executive Committee are:

President: Dr. Michael Papamichail
Vice President: Dr. Cornelius Melief
Treasurer: Dr. Guido Forni
Secretary: Dr. Rolf Kiessling
Member: Dr. Thomas Blankenstein

For more details, please consult our website and click on ESCII. Initially, nomination to membership by two full members will not be required; this requirement will go into effect one year after the Society officially assumes full operation.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Society, please send an application in accordance with the regulations specified in the Constitution’s Statutes, to the address below.

M. Papamichail, MD, PhD
Director, Immunology Center
Saint Savas Cancer Hospital
171 Alexandras Avenue
Athens 11522 ,Greece
tel: +30 210 6409624-5
fax: +30 210 6409516
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